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About Us

Scott Keogh is a horse breaker and trainer located in Clifton, South East Queensland. Here is his personal journey that led him to start SK Horsemanship.

What is your story?

Although I am the third generation in my family to train professionally, I am the first to admit that this didn’t come easily to me. I grew up around and looked up to many of the country's iconic horsemen and believed reaching their level of progress was unattainable.

My earliest memory breaking a horse is giving youngsters their first rides while my father kept me on a lead from another horse. I can remember the old round yard. We left that property when I was 10 so maybe I was 8 or 9 when I started giving colts their first rides.

In my youth I asked all the great horsemen lots of question and little by little I improved as a horseman, but not nearly as fast as I wanted to. The main reason for this was I lacked structure in my program. I was always guessing and to tell you the truth it was only the strong work ethic I inherited from my father that was getting me by. After a six year apprenticeship working for my family, being out on my own as a breaker and trainer was a huge challenge and many days finished in frustrations.

Looking back, the reason was simple - I was short on knowledge. So what took me from frustration and guessing to being a professional horseman and coach that has a business that is growing too big and gets to travel worldwide doing what he loves? The answer is simple - structure and mechanics.

And the crazy part is it's quite simple and easy to learn, not the unattainable myth like you may be lead to believe.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My biggest influence would have to be the hall of fame horseman and rodeo legend Garry McPhee. A true all round horseman that excelled at cutting and reining and dominated Australian Rodeo. The man really put me on the path of learning my mechanics.

Do you have an ace up your sleeve as a coach?

YES! The advantage is I started at the start. Unlike some of the “overnight” clinicians that lack any front, I have made every mistake the novice rider is making and ridden the world’s worst horses more often than not. Many other coaches train 15 or 20 at a time and expect to give the customer a result in a very short time.

What do you love about your work?

I get to travel and do what I love while raising 2 beautiful children. The days of me being on the road for months on end are over - that’s why we have invested in our Spring Creek Ranch facility and enjoy the clinics where I’m only away for the weekend. Overseas travel is fantastic and I look forward to taking my children working with me in the future. Just one of the added benefits of this great industry.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Learn to break your horse down to 4 body parts - head and neck, shoulders, ribs, and hind ends.

As you will see on my DVD I have a specific drill for each of these parts. I will clearly show you how to isolate, train and test each body part. This will enable you to locate resistance and improve each part individually so all the mind blowing and spine tingling spins and lead changes etc will now become very doable.

Coaching is a passion of Scott’s and he can be booked to coach at your club. Scott has given horsemanship demonstrations at the Queensland Polocrosse titles and state Polo titles in South Africa.

Remember, frustration ends where knowledge begins.